Urban gardens

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Urban Garden

Combining inside with outside learning is key for our children to develop a holistic understanding. Among our favorite examples of “outside classroom” are urban gardens.

Gardening for the future! Methods such as permaculture allow children to experience the notions of environmental protection, ecosystem regeneration and to develop ecological thinking. These are very important skills in a world permanently challenged by climate change.

Gardening for health! For the past decades researchers have studied the connection between gardening and nutrition education outlining that the more gardening is incorporated into a curriculum, the more health benefits children gain (I. Canaris, 1995).

Gardening for fun! Gardens are not only educational but also stimulate children imagination and their creative spirit. A school garden allows children to combine art, movement, storytelling, science and technology while closely observing how long it takes for food to grow. The best part is yet to enjoy the produce of their work as a team.

Our school staff members have experience leading workshops with children in school gardens and urban gardens and it is our wish to develop more activities using the opportunities that this setting offers us. 

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