We are looking for...

...a suitable school building

We are looking for a suitable building, to be able to start with our school as soon as possible.

It could be, for example, a large villa, an (industrial) hall, a former school building or parts of a larger school building.

As we want to grow gradually, we can start with 300-400 sqm and grow to 600-1000 sqm over time.

We dream of a school with a big garden or lots of nature nearby. Also, there should be a sports hall available in the near vicinity.

The school should be easily accessible by public transport.

Do you know of a building that might be suitable for us?
Then feel free to contact us at any time:

... financial

As an independent school run by a non-profit association, we depend on your financial support, especially in the first years of our foundation. Only after a waiting period of five years will our school be funded by the state. During this waiting period, we have to secure our existence with the help of our own funds, private loans, credits and donations.

If you want to donate to the school project or invest in us, you can do so here or write to us:

The donation is tax-deductible, as we are a non-profit organisation. For donations up to 200 EUR, a simplified receipt is sufficient for your tax office; above 200 EUR, a donation receipt is provided. For this purpose, we would ask you to send us your address by email.

via Paypal

Donations made via PayPal will incur fees for us.
If you want to avoid these fees, you can donate by bank transfer.

Donate to this account:

... enthusiastic people

We are looking for enthusiastic people with pedagogical experience, primary school teachers with state examinations, teachers with foreign degrees, career changers and educators who ideally already want to accompany the founding process.

We are looking for enthusiastic parents who would like to join our
working group.

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